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Best video editing software and apps For PC (Windows & Mac)

You have your iPhone taped to a broom, or whether you have fancy lights and a camera that costs more than a car, you know that you need to come up.

I’m not going to pretend that all media is created equally.

If you’re filming an R3D, commercial or your interview will probably look better than if you just have a GoPro, but it’s not all in the of the footage.

Arguably the majority of the creative storytelling comes in the post-production stage.

I mean, we have seen short movies recorded on a handheld camcorder that cost $100 make it into Sundance. What I’m saying is, it is about content and storytelling over it is pixel count for the majority of people.

Are a whole lot of tools and editing programs out there for a variety of skill levels and budgets? If you know your way great. Otherwise, do not worry. The internet is filled with easy-to-use programs and tutorials.

Free video editing software and apps for beginners

If you have never edited a movie before, do not panic. There are plenty of paid and free video editing choices.

Best video editing software and apps For Android, PC


This program provides a whole lot of bang for no dollar. So, if you’re a newcomer, it is a great place to start. Included in the app are advanced options like the choices to key and conceal, as well as mix overlays. You add filters adjustments as well as can control the rate of the clips.

If your manufacturer is looking to get cinematic and try out a few green screen footage, then this may be a fantastic program to begin with and with its free filters, it would also be a good alternative for social networking youtube video downloader.

Some reviews say it is not just user-friendly, and it will have its quirks, however if you are trying to try editing out and don’t wish to put any money behind it, there’s really no downside.

Price: Free!


IMovie is a quick and easy way. There are a ton of templates which makes this the transitions and the perfect software for fast turnaround jobs and titles give your creation a little additional flare with no effort. Additionally, it is great for clip cutting and cobbling something simple together.

Advertisers might find this helpful for culture that is quick videos on networking that is social or those that need basic cuts and fades. If you’re new to video editing and intrigued with the concept of templates, then I’d steer clear of them when it comes to sales videos or people on your own site.

As iMovie is a popular tool among general consumers, using them could be seen as unprofessional or non invasive.

Besides that word of warning, the only thing to notice is that cannot transfer project files which have hurt me using a client before.

Price: Free


Now, this app is easy as soon as you get a hang of this UI to use.

It has a limited number of preset export formats, although it has good video and sound filters, which makes it a good selection for posting to societal.

Knowing your final export’s destination is important for quality. If you’re focusing heavily on Facebook or YouTube Marketing, until you’re more familiar with the settings you might not wish to utilize this tool.

Additionally, there does not seem to be a support community.

Price: Free


Magisto is automatic editing.

You can select your own music or utilize one of the proposed tracks, for you assuming you do not have to trim out anything in the program and it’ll put something together.

If you want a video quickly this automation is efficient and cool, but it will restrict creativity as there’s not way to control the sequence.

There is also a time limit for the period of your movie with each budget. Still, it’s a fun way to put something together if you’re looking to post to social. It is especially good to use on mobile.

Cost: $9.99/month Expert plan

Adobe Premiere Clip

Edit on-the-go with this free program!

It has a clean interface, includes background music, and contains a collection of filters.

You do not need a paid Creative Cloud accounts for this, but it is possible to export everything you started on your telephone and complete it oOr, finish it and upload to websites if you’ve got one.

This is ideal for the marketer who’s always on the go, but articles to social media frequently. So that it is going to create Facebook videos and your Instagram actually stand out, adobe is the peak of professionalism.

As you cannot rotate your clip within this make sure you film though. It is easy and simple to use, although there’s also no templates or transitions.

Price: Free

Adobe Premiere Pro

I will not lie; I am an Adobe girl myself.

I started editing out and have been disappointed in it.

This is advanced editing software, and you might want to start someplace else, although it’s likely to learn, if you’re looking for a fast turnaround.

That being said, if your team should edit an interview to get a customer testimonial or has the need for a lot of graphics, it is very simple for this to be your sole application and be more than sufficient.

The graphics panel that is essential provides you a opening picture for your movie, or presets that you can fit to your needs, if it be names and titles for your lower thirds.

These features do a great deal of the job for you and make you look polished and professional. Should you produce your movies you can publish confidently on any stage, whether it be movie, web, social, as well as TV.

You can get all kinds of free and paid third-party plugins that will help you along on your adventure!

These plugins can vary anywhere from colour correction presets to light flares, although you’ll discover a few of my favorites if you continue reading. They include that extra glitz.

As a subscription SaaS, Premiere rolls out upgrades to be certain you’re getting the most from your applications. The neighborhood is constantly helping out with solutions, but they’re quickly solved, although occasionally they are glitchy on.

Price: If you have the abilities or have enough time to spend to learn the software and $40 per month, or $20 if you are a pupil (or $20 for just Premiere, and not the whole package ), then it’s definitely well worth it.

Final Cut Pro

When I started at film school, I learned on this one. It was essentially iMovie brother, when I used it. It has that same layout feel and ease of use but with function.

It currently supports 360 and HDR footage, comprises Mac Touch Bar support, and has over 100 video and audio effects. Additionally, it is great for colour correction, but bear in mindthis comes with a little learning curve. You will find a limited amount of codecs and file types included which will limit what sorts of footage you can work with.

This is a program that could offer you a cinematic look and texture to your endeavors. If you want your brand to seem professional and arty, but do not have a budget that is huge, this tool will definitely help.

This app is to get a marketer on a budget that is not reluctant to get into the weeds with their screening, and wishes to get the most out of their movies.

Final Word:

Whether you’re into the weeds with editing, or just beginning, these are some useful tools to get the most from your footage.

This is not the dawn of movie. Audiences may spot a bad snap, it’s bad even if they don’t understand.

Possessing these invaluable tools can make or break your advertising strategy because everything you create, and how well you are able to make it will let the world what value you have to offer.

If it seems way too overwhelming, we could assist with that. Whether it is our video coaching services, or our in-house manufacturing group, we can assist your video requirements.

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