4th Period

Period of Post-Baptismal Catechesis or Mystagogy

Mystagogy is a fifty day period which lasts from Easter Sunday until Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost Sunday marks the end of the Easter season for that year. The conclusion of the Mystagogy period marks the end of initiation process. Now the neophytes enter into a lifelong process of Christian formation along with the rest of the faithful.

Mystagogy “…is a time for the Community and the Neophytes together to grow in deepening their grasp of the paschal mystery and in making it part of their lives through meditation on the Gospel, sharing in the Eucharist, and doing the works of Charity.” From the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

The primary setting for the period of mystagogy is the Sunday assembly during the 50 Days of Easter.

This period often comes to a close with the celebration of Holy Mass for new Catholics held at the local Diocesan Cathedral.